Shanghai Kid

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Shanghai Kid
Developer(s)Nihon Game
Publisher(s)Taiyo System (Japan)
Data East USA, Memetron, Kitcorp, (North America)
CPU(2x) Z80 (@ 3 MHz)
SoundSound CPU: Z80 (@ 3 MHz)
Sound Chips: DAC, AY8910 (@ 2 MHz)
DisplayRaster, 288 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 60.00 Hz screen refresh, 256 colors

Shanghai Kid, sometimes titled The Shanghai Kid, and known in Japan as Hokuha Syourin Hiryū no Ken (北派少林 飛龍の拳, lit. "North Faction Shaolin - Fist of the Flying Dragon"), is a 1985 arcade fighting game developed by Nihon Game (now Culture Brain) and published by Taiyo System. It is the first game in the Hiryū no Ken series by Culture Brain.


Shanghai Kid uses an 8-way joystick and two buttons (one for punching and one for kicking).

It contributes to the fighting game genre by introducing the combo system and the ability to perform special moves. When the spiked speech balloon that reads "RUSH!" pops up during battle, the player has a chance to rhythmically perform a series of combos called "rush-attacking". The special moves feature, unlike the basic moves one, allows players to perform moves that are more advanced than the basic ones, and by using two buttons simultaneously instead of one.


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