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China Railway Shanghai Group Co.,Ltd.
state-owned enterprise
IndustryRailway operations
PredecessorShanghai Railway Administration
Founded19 November 2017
Headquarters80 Tianmu E Road, Jing'an, ,
Area served
OwnerGovernment of China
ParentChina Railway
WebsiteOfficial Website
China Railway Shanghai Group
The Gate of Shanghai Railway Bureau.JPG
Simplified Chinese中国铁路上海局集团
Traditional Chinese中國鐵路上海局集團
Shanghai Railway Administration
Simplified Chinese上海铁路局
Traditional Chinese上海鐵路局
CR Shanghai
Simplified Chinese上铁
Traditional Chinese上鐵

China Railway Shanghai Group, officially abbreviated as CR Shanghai or CR-Shanghai, formerly, Shanghai Railway Administration is a subsidiaries company under the jurisdiction of the China Railway (formerly the Ministry of Railway). As of 2007, the bureau is in charge of a total length of 10,810.5 kilometers, and commercial length of 4,928.1 kilometers of railways. It oversees 503 stations and manages the railways in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces. Shanghai Railway Bureau estimated that by 2010 its commercial length of railways will be more than 7,060 km, including over 1,500 km of the inter-city railway. The railway administration was reorganized as a company in November 2017.[1]

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