Shanghai Theatre Academy

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Shanghai Theatre Academy
Shanghai Theatre Academy logo.png
Type Public
Established December 1, 1945
Officer in charge
Party Secretary
President Sheng Han
Vice-president William Huizhu Sun et al.
Location Shanghai, China
Nickname 上戏, STA

Shanghai Theatre Academy (Chinese: 上海戏剧学院) is a public university in Shanghai, People's Republic of China dedicated to dramatic art education.[1] Its predecessor was Shanghai Municipal Experimental Theatre School cofounded by the famous educator Gu Yuxiu (顾毓琇).[2] Its alumni include actresses Pan Hong, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing and Zhang Yuqi, and actors Tong Dawei and Lu Yi.

Famous alumni[edit]

Li Bingbing, 2011
Tóng Dàwéi, 2007

Class year indicates the entrance year, not graduating year.


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