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Shanghang (上杭县) is a populous county of Longyan Municipality in Fujian Province.

Long distance bus station
Doufu Gan, local snack


Part of Shanghang County is accessed by National Route (国道) 319, coming west from Xinluo (新罗区), the municipal seat. The county seat, conventionally called Shanghang itself but officially Linjiang Town (临江镇), is reached by Route 205. The Ganzhou–Longyan Railway passes through western Shanghang.

Red Tourism[edit]

The county's most famous cultural-historical attraction is in the town of Gutian (古田镇), namely the site of the Gutian Congress (1929 December).


As of 1998, Shanghang administers 9 towns (zhen, 镇).[1] Aside of Linjiang and Gutian, they are :


The county has 13 townships (xiang, 乡):[2]

  • Shanhu (珊瑚乡) 
  • Jiuxian (旧县乡)
  • Huyang (湖洋乡)
  • Jiaoyang (蛟洋乡) - site of the eponymous 1929 congress
  • Tongxian (通贤乡)
  • Buyun (步云乡)
  • Xikou (溪口乡)
  • Chadi (茶地乡)
  • Panjing (泮境乡)
  • Taiba (太拔乡)
  • Xiadu (下都乡)

Two are expressly for the pre-Han natives :

  • Guanzhuang She-nation Ethnic Township (官庄畲族乡)
  • Lufeng She-nation Ethnic Township (庐丰畲族乡)


Notes and references[edit]

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