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Shankar Babaji Patil (Devanagari: शंकर बाबाजी पाटील) (1926 - July 30, 1994) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India.

Patil was born in 1926 in Pattan-Kodoli in Kolhapur District. He attended high school in Gadhinglaj and college in Kolhapur to earn his B.A. and B.T. degrees.

He served for some time as a member of Maharashtra state government's committee on high school textbooks and curricula research.

Patil presided over Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at Nanded in 1985.

Literary works[edit]

Collections of short stories[edit]

  • valiv (१९५८)
  • bhetigati (१९६०)
  • abhal (१९६१)
  • dhind(१९६२)
  • uen (१९६३)
  • vavri sheng (१९६३)
  • kulyanchi chavdi (१९६४)
  • kandoba (१९७४)
  • meeting
  • Khush Kharedi(1984)
  • Paijj
  • Pavulvata


  • tarfula

Movie scripts[edit]

  • vadhalvat
  • yuge yuge mi vat pahili
  • gangolan
  • bholibhabdi
  • pahuni
  • sinhasan
  • पिंजरा
  • bhujang
  • ek gaon 12 bhanghadi


Shankar Patil's short story Meeting was adapted by Dr. Priyadarshan Manohar as a short play named Meeting. On May 2nd 2015, Kansas based The Big Bang Theater performed the play at Regnier Hall Auditorium at KU Edwards Campus. The play was directed by Dr. Udayan Apte.