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Shannon Coulter is an American marketing consultant and full-time activist. She is most notably responsible for the creation of the GrabYourWallet movement to boycott retailers that carry Trump-related products.[1]

She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and grew up in San Francisco, California.[2] Coulter has demonstrated her passion for activism since a young age.

Youth Activism[edit]

Shannon Coulter
Shannon Coulter 20170308-2345.jpg
At Day Without a Woman San Francisco, March 2017
Born1972 (age 46–47)
Fort Wayne, Indiana[3]
EducationPenn State[3]
OccupationDigital marketing[3] and Activism
Known forAnti-Trump activism
Notable work
Grab Your Wallet website

Shannon Coulter began her love of leadership at the age of seven. She created an all-girls club dubbed the Ladybugs. The club's goal was to remove trash from forest floors and enjoy the time spent with other young girls. Although she was quite young, it was a notable beginning to her activism and care for the environment. [2]

Marketing Career[edit]

Coulter's career began with a marketing position at a solar energy startup. She used her interest in solar energy and experience in working at a startup to discover what it takes for people to take action and become connected to a larger movement. [2]

Full-time Activism[edit]

"Things may be close at the polling place, but they're not close at the cash register" - Shannon Coulter[2][edit]

When Donald Trump became president, Shannon was inspired to leave her marketing career to begin a career in full-time activism. Most notably, she launched the GrabYourWallet movement to boycott retailers that carry Trump-related products.[1] She began the campaign after hearing then-candidate Trump's comments about how he treats women, saying Grab them by the pussy; accordingly, she began the website GrabYourWallet as a response in the fall of 2016.[1][4] Her website is a spreadsheet listing retailers to boycott such as Macy's and Amazon, and is visited by thousands of people each day; during the 2017 Women's March, the site was visited by 32,000 persons per hour.[3] Coulter does not accept compensation for her campaign.[3] She runs the website out of an office which she rents by the hour.[3] Her efforts have been described as effective at encouraging numerous retailers to drop Trump-related products.[3] Efforts that began as a boycott have now grown into a movement that has pushed for a more ethical market due to the push from consumers.[2]


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