Shannon Creek

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Shannon Creek
Country United States
Physical characteristics
Main source 5,016 feet (1,529 m)[1][2]
River mouth Baker River at Baker Lake
725 feet (221 m)[1][2]
48°44′14″N 121°35′25″W / 48.737345°N 121.590139°W / 48.737345; -121.590139Coordinates: 48°44′14″N 121°35′25″W / 48.737345°N 121.590139°W / 48.737345; -121.590139

Shannon Creek is a short tributary to the Baker River in Whatcom County, Washington, near the southwest border of North Cascades National Park. It rises in two forks a few miles south of Mount Shuksan; the glacier-fed north fork begins at elevation 5,016 feet (1,529 m), and the non-glacial south fork begins at 2,611 feet (796 m). Roughly halfway through its length, the two forks join and then flow into Baker Lake reservoir, at elevation 725 feet (221 m). Shannon Creek joins the Baker several miles downstream of Sulphide Creek and upstream of Swift Creek, a much larger south-flowing drainage.

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