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Shannon Tarbet
27 October 1991, Brighton, England, UK
Years active2010–present

Shannon Tarbet is a British actress from Brighton.[1] She came to public attention in 2010 with her critically acclaimed[2] professional stage debut as Delilah Evans in Spur of the Moment by Anya Reiss directed by Jeremy Herrin at the Royal Court Theatre in London. She was widely praised[3] and on the strength of that performance she was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Newcomer in 2010.[4]

Her second theatre performance was in Mogadishu by Vivienne Franzmann at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester which then transferred to the Lyric Theatre in London in 2011. Also in 2011 she appeared as part of the Bush Theatre's contribution to Latitude Festival in The Flooded Grave by Anthony Weigh directed by Hannah Ashwell-Dickinson.

In 2011 she made guest appearances in episodes of the BBC's courtroom Silk, Granada Television's crime series Lewis, ITV's new medical drama Monroe and the BBC's Inspector George Gently.


Year Title Character Production Notes
2013 A Promise[5] Anna Fidélité Productions
2017 Beast


Year Title Character Production Notes
2014 Hotel
by Polly Stenham[6]
Frankie Royal National Theatre
2013 Circle Mirror Transformation
by Annie Baker[7]
Lauren The Royal Court Theatre
2013 To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee[8]
Jean Louise "Scout" Finch Royal Exchange Theatre
2012 Mary Shelley
by Helen Edmundson[9]
Jane Clairmont Shared Experience
2011 Skane
by Pamela Carter[10]
Ingrid Hampstead Theatre
2011 Play from the multi-authored Sixty Six Books
by Molly Naylor[11]
Iris Bush Theatre 66 Books nominated for Theatre Event of the Year in the Awards
2011 The Flooded Grave
by Anthony Weigh[12]
The Daughter Bush Theatre at Latitude Festival
2011 Mogadishu
by Vivienne Franzmann[13]
Becky Royal Exchange Theatre and Lyric Hammersmith Winner of Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the Manchester Theatre Awards.
Play received Laurence Olivier Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre.
2010 Spur of the Moment
by Anya Reiss[14]
Delilah Evans Royal Court Theatre Nominated for Outstanding Newcomer at the Evening Standard Awards


Year Title Character Production Notes
2011 Silk[15] Amy BBC Series 1, Episode 5
2011 Monroe[16] Natasha ITV Series 1, Episode 4
2011 Inspector George Gently[17] Mary Claverton BBC Gently Unpside Down
Series 4 Episode 1
2011 Lewis[18] Samantha Coyle ITV Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things
Series 5, Episode 1
2015 River[19] Erin Fielding BBC Series 1, Episodes 1 and 6
2017 Genius[20] Marie Winteler National Geographic Episodes 1, 2, 4
2017 Rellik[21] Hannah Markham BBC Series Regular
2019 Killing Eve[22] Amber Peel Sid Gentle Films Series 2


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