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Shannon Vyff (born June 10, 1975)[1] is an American transhumanist, cryonicist, and author. She is a director of both the Immortality Institute[2] and the Society for Venturism.[3][4]

Vyff's approaches in promoting transhumanism and cryonics were given exposure when her essay "Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist" was published in 2006 as part of the book The Scientific Conquest of Death. Vyff has also been interviewed by the media on subjects pertaining both to her approaches in promoting cryonics to the public at large (especially to children),[5] and her own motivations for becoming a cryonicist.[6]

Vyff published a science fiction adventure novel for children, 21st Century Kids, in 2007.[7]

She also is known for practicing caloric restriction for life extension purposes, and has been featured on multiple news stories regarding the prospect of life extension.[8][9][10]


  • Vyff, Shannon (March 2007). 21st Century Kids. Warren Publishing, Inc. p. 280. ISBN 1-886057-00-1. science fiction adventure novel for children aged 9–12. The protagonists undergo cryopreservation and are reanimated after 200 years. The book raises questions about the technological singularity and time travel.
  • Immortality Institute, ed. (October 2004). The Scientific Conquest of Death: Essays on Infinite Lifespans. Libros en Red. p. 296. ISBN 987-561-135-2.  - a collection of essays. Vyff is the author of the essay "Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist".[11][12]

Personal life[edit]

Vyff is a mother to four children, each of whom are signed up to cryonics.[6]


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