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For the country singer, see The Wrights (country duo).
Shannon Wright
Wright at the Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona 2007
Background information
Born Florida, United States
Genres Indie rock, experimental, rock, punk, noise rock, chamber music, piano
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano
Years active 1999–present
Labels Touch and Go, Quarterstick, Vicious Circle
Notable instruments
Fender Jazz Master guitar, piano, Wurlitzer

Shannon Wright is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Wright, known for her raw live performances and "do-it-yourself punk aesthetic", received much encouragement from friends to continue making records, even though she had considered quitting. Ten albums later, quitting doesn't seem to be an option. Wright's sublimely elusive lyrics, unique guitar/piano progressions and timeless vocal melodies meld together into beautifully well crafted songs. Wright's potently heartfelt studio performances prove more than ever on her new release Division released February 3rd, 2017. Wright's furious live performances are the perfect illustration of her freedom.


Wright moved from New York City to Chapel Hill, NC. While in Chapel Hill, Wright started writing songs and played them for friends. With their encouragement she sent a 4-track cassette tape to a friend of a friend to Overcoat Records. They released her first 7" A tin crown for the social bash on Overcoat Records, Wright signed with Touch and Go Records in 1999 out of Chicago till they closed in 2008, releasing six albums. Wright signed with Vicious Circle (France) in 2003 and continues to release records with them. In 2012, Wright signed with Ernest Jennings and released Secret Blood and In Film Sound in the states.


DIVISION is Wright's newest release 2017 recorded in Paris and Rome at KML Studios with David Chalmin. "Wright's songwriting reaches a new perfection in the most tenuous murmurs, where it is still a tear that works, an evil that clings, a fermenting poison. The nuances are all here: less guitar and more piano give the impression of chamber music - but flooded - or aquarium - but overturned. This frightened indecision, this trouble of the eyes too wide open, is the very art of Shannon Wright, very pure singer, too rare.- Les Inrocks Paris, France

FLIGHTSAFETY Wright's first record received critical acclaim for Wright's intriguing lyrics and songwriting abilities. FlightSafety consists of simple guitar and piano chord progressions with striking vocal melodies. Wright plays almost all the instruments on this release and all other releases following FlightSafety.

Shannon Wright

MAPS OF TACIT Recorded with Andy Baker and Steve Albini. "Overall, Maps of Tacit finds Wright growing more adventurous both as a composer and performer; it's a dark and challenging work, yet it isn't off-putting or overly harrowing, and its bracing experimentalism and originality suggest even greater things to come."-AllMusic Review by Steve Huey

PERISHABLE GOODS was a limited release compiled of appearances by: Alan Sparhawk of Low, Crooked Fingers, and Rachel Grimes and Christian Fredrickson from Rachel's.

DYED IN THE WOOL recorded with Andy Baker and Steve Albini. Songs like "Less than a moment" and "Hinterland", Wright still features her emotive and intimate lyrics while now taking on new found confidence. Appearances on Dyed in the Wool are label mates Shipping News, Rachel's and Heather Macintosh from Japancakes.

Shannon Wright

OVER THE SUN with renowned recording engineer Steve Albini and band member of Shellac. Although, Wright had recorded with Albini before on several different occasions (Maps of Tacit & Dyed in the Wool), this was the first time Wright and Albini completed a full-length record together. Albini's distinctive "live" recording signature, allows Wright to showcase her fervent, powerful and unique guitar playing. This album comes closest to capturing her intense, unbridled and extremely raw live-performances.

YANN TIERSEN AND SHANNON WRIGHT Sharing 50-50 songwriting credits, Tiersen's classical background brightened Wright's classical tendencies, and in turn, Wright brightened Tiersen's experimental and punk tendencies. This collaboration brought eversion for both artists, delivering both delicate and furious songs, much like Wright and Tiersen themselves.

LET IN THE LIGHT recorded with Andy Baker where Wright moves back to her slightly simpler instrumentation and recording styles. Wright seems more at ease on the piano, exploring experimental and unorthodox piano melodies with a bit of classical influence. "Shannon Wright is an example of that shocking, spooky thing: a natural."- New York Times

HONEYBEE GIRLS, Wright faces up to her taboos: acoustics and electronics. Piano, organ, guitars, violin, cello with indistinct tones allow to feel freedom and freshness.

SECRET BLOOD "Fractured" bellow her coarse and distinctive guitar playing, so perfectly exact. As does the beautifully hypnotic "Violent Colors". Secret Blood compiles the major impulses—eerie tension, aggressive thrashing, and muted calm.

IN FILM SOUND recorded with Kevin Ratterman in Louisville, KY. Recorded mostly live as a 3-piece with Todd Cook on bass and Kyle Crabtree on drums. "It's emblematic of the tense, discomforting oeuvre Wright favors from terse noisy bursts of guitar to moody minor key elegies."- Creative Loafing

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