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Shanrong (山戎), or Rong (戎) were an Old Chinese nomadic people of the Central Plain of China.


Shanrong literally means the Rong of mountain. The Rong were a collection of tribes that lived in Northern China during the Spring and Autumn period, as opposed to the Western Rong (Xirong). Before 679, the Duke orders princes to become an overlord of the Spring and Autumn Period, and with intent to solve Shanrong harassment on the Central Plains. 664 the year, Shanrong again the army attack the State of Yan, Yan Qi for help Duke Huan of Qi to save Yan out of the army attack Shanrong, but the following year Shanrong has been returned to the north.

Coalition forces continue to Qi Yan Bei Zheng, overcome Shanrong States City final mountain (now Hebei Qian'an County the Yanshan vicinity), but Shanrong the king fled to Guzhu (Guzhu the original supplier first family offshoot of the Mexican tire's clan, but later no different from some areas and nomadic), Qi Yan coalition final "Northern Expedition Shanrong chop to make sticks cut Guzhu and go south," the Duke when cutting Shanrong, at the same time to the Guzhu off. At this point, Guzhu in history came to an end. Yan State also opened up a territory, become overlord Qi northern barrier.

Four years later (660 BC), the Duke led the army, "North uprising in Guzhu, from the support (so that branch), completely conquer the Shanrong of. Shanrong into Yan nation into northeast China joined the East Hu tribe. Some people think that one of the Xianbei. Many years after the year 272 years ago, when the Qin dominate the West, Xi Rong also Qin assimilation, Rong family will not appear in any history book.

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