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16th Jain Tirthankara, 5th Chakravartin, 11th Kamadeva
Seated image of Shantinatha with old Kannada inscription (1200 A.D.) engraved on the pedestal in Shantinatha Basadi, Jinanathapura
Venerated in Jainism
Predecessor Dharmanatha
Successor Kunthunatha
Symbol Deer
Height 40 bows (120 metres)
Age over 700 000 years
Color Golden
Personal Information
Born Hastinapur
Moksha Shikharji
Spouse Yasomati
  • Visvasena (father)
  • Achira (mother)

Shantinatha was the sixteenth Jain Tirthankar of the present age (Avasarpini).[1] Shantinatha was born to King Visvasen and Queen Achira at Hastinapur in the Ikshvaku dynasty. His birth date is the thirteenth day of the Jyest Krishna month of the Indian calendar. He was also a Chakravarti and a Kamadeva. He ascended to throne when he was 25,000 years old.[2] At the age of 50,001 years, he became a Jain Monk and started his penance. According to Jain beliefs, he became a siddha, a liberated soul which has destroyed all of its karma.

Previous Births[edit]

  • King Srisena
  • Yugalika in Uttar Kurukshetra
  • Deva in Saudharma heaven
  • Amitateja, prince of Arkakirti
  • Heavenly deva in 10th heaven Pranat (20 sagars life span)
  • Aparajit Baldeva in East Mahavideha (life span of 84,00, 000 purva)
  • Heavenly Indra in 12th heaven Achyuta (22 sagars life span)
  • Vajrayudh Chakri, the son of Tirthankar Kshemanakar in East Mahvideha
  • Heavenly deva in Navgraivayak heaven
  • Megharath, the son of Dhanarath in East Mahavideh in the area where Simandharswami is moving at present
  • Heavenly deva in Sarvartha Siddha Heaven (33 sagars life span)


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