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Shanxi Normal University was formerly called Shanxi Teachers University (山西师范大学) is a university in Linfen, Shanxi, China under the authority of the provincial government. Famed teachers include the notable law professor Lin Li.

Shanxi Normal University has nearly 30,000 students on three campus (one main) in Linfen, Shanxi, China. The best departments in the school are the English Department (School of Foreign Languages) and the Chemistry Department. The school celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009.

Originally just a 'teacher's' university, the school has branched out and now had more than 60 institutes and majors of study.


University President Dr. Wu Haishun 武海顺 University Communist Party Secretary Ni Sheng Tang 倪生唐


SXNU has initiated a comprehensive plan to broaden its mission beyond teacher training, including: striving to adhere to the principles of education in order to develop a quality citizenry and encourage further research; a strategy of targeted development, department-by-department; and a plan to strengthen the overall teacher education guidelines of the school. The University takes serving the social and economic development of Shanxi Province and China as its mission, to date having prepared more than 100,000 professionals.

The current full-time registration of graduate and undergraduate students totals nearly 20,000. The school employs 2,000 staff including more than 1,000 full-time teachers. SXNU has 20 departments including the Colleges of Chinese Language and Literature; Political Science; History, Tourism & Culture; Mathematics & Computer Science; Physics & Information Engineering; Chemistry & Material Sciences; and Teacher Education. There are also 27 other research institutes including: Chemistry Materials Research, Chinese Opera Heritage, Jin Culture Studies, Yellow River Culture Studies; Chinese Painting/Calligraphy; and Educational Science. The University’s degree programs include, 47 undergraduate majors, and 62 master's degree programs, and two doctoral programs (Inorganic Chemistry and Drama).Chinese Language and Literature is as a national characteristic professionalism.


Shanxi Normal University is one of the five oldest universities in Shanxi Province, situated in the ancient city of Linfen—home of the legendary monarch King Yao, and one of the birthplaces of the Chinese race. In 1958 Shanxi Normal University began as a teacher training school, responsible for training teachers throughout the south of Shanxi. After the regulation of the higher education system in 1962, it became the only higher-level teacher training school in the province. In 1964, through collaboration with various departments of Shanxi University it officially became Shanxi Teachers College. In 1984, it upgraded to a university through the endorsement of the State Education Commission of China. The Shanxi Provincial government decided in 1999 to make the Shanxi Normal University Sports College and the Shanxi Vocational Teachers College part of Shanxi Normal University, thus strengthening the position of the university through the sharing of resources.

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