Shaolin King of Martial Arts

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Shaolin King of Martial Arts
Shaolin King of Martial Arts.jpg
DVD cover art
Chinese 少林武王
Mandarin Shàolín Wǔ Wáng
Genre Wuxia
Screenplay by Li Changfu
Directed by Chang Hsin-yen
Liu Jiacheng
Wu Chia-tai
Presented by Ma Zhongjun
Starring Wu Jing
Chunyu Shanshan
Gao Haiyan
Huang Yi
Yu Chenghui
Ji Chunhua
Yu Hai
Xu Xiangdong
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 22
Executive producer(s) Huzi
Huang Chenglian
Wang Renhai
Zhang Yi
Producer(s) Tang Songtao
Fan Xiaotian
Tie Fo
Zhou Penggang
Yao Jia
Pan Zhongshi
Lou Xiaoxi
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Shanghai Cable TV
Henan TV
Xi'an TV
Beijing Chaoyong Dongfang Film Culture
Distributor China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
First shown in 2002

Shaolin King of Martial Arts is a 2002 Chinese wuxia television series directed by Chang Hsin-yen, Liu Jiacheng and Wu Chia-tai. It starred Wu Jing, Yaqi, Chunyu Shanshan, Gao Haiyan, Huang Yi, Yu Chenghui, Ji Chunhua, Yu Hai and Xu Xiangdong in the leading roles.


The story is set in the late Ming dynasty, when corrupt officials dominate the government and the aggressive wokou (Japanese pirates) constantly raid China's coastal regions. General Qi Jiguang and his cousin, Qi Jiyu, organise a military force called the 'Qi Family Army' to resist the invaders. They score several victories over the enemy.

Oshima Masao, the wokou chief, is not content with defeat, so he bribes the eunuch Tong Dabao, a close aide of the incompetent emperor, to spread slanderous rumours about the Qi Family Army in the hope that the emperor will order the army to be disbanded. Qi Jiyu, assisted by his son Qi Shaozheng, manages to find evidence of Tong's treachery, and intends to report Tong to the emperor. However, Tong finds out, destroys the evidence, and has Qi Jiyu arrested and imprisoned. Tong then attempts to induce Qi Jiyu into accusing Qi Jiguang of treason by tempting him with promises of riches and fame but Qi Jiyu refuses. Qi Jiyu secretly tells Qi Shaozheng to escape and warn the Qi Family Army about Tong's plot.

Tong Dabao is furious when he learns that his plan has been foiled. He orders the execution of Qi Jiyu and his clan, and places a huge bounty on Qi Shaozheng's head. Qi Shaozheng flees to Shaolin Monastery for refuge and is accepted by Abbot Zhiyi as a student and is renamed "Tanzhi". When Tong Dabao discovers that Qi Shaozheng has survived, he sends the Jinyiwei to surround Shaolin and threatens to destroy the monastery if the monks do not hand over Qi. The monks refuse to capitulate so Tong orders Shaolin to be burnt down. Zhiyi dies in the blaze. Before his death, Zhiyi instructed a monk called Sanjiao to protect Tanzhi and bring the latter to the Southern Shaolin Monastery.

Tanzhi and Sanjiao travel to Southern Shaolin and encounter numerous dangers along the way. While in the wilderness, Tanzhi is injured but is saved by a girl called Xiaoni, and is forced by her grandfather to marry her. The old man is a former soldier in the Qi Family Army. When he learns of Tanzhi's true identity, he decides to allow the boy to proceed with his journey, much to his granddaughter's dismay. Tanzhi and Sanjiao later join a performance troupe by accident, where Tanzhi develops feelings for the maidens Baihe and Honglian. They leave after driving away Tong Dabao's henchmen and eventually arrive in Southern Shaolin, where Tanzhi becomes a student of Abbot Yuanzhao. In Southern Shaolin, Tanzhi befriends several seniors and meets a group of young nuns living near the monastery. He also gets involved in another romantic relationship with a Japanese girl who disguised herself as a man so that she can infiltrate Shaolin and learn martial arts.

Tanzhi trains hard in martial arts to fulfil his quest for justice. With strong backing and support from his friends and allies, he rebuilds the Qi Family Army and succeeds in defeating and driving away the wokou. He uses the powerful skills he mastered to overcome and kill Tong Dabao and avenge his family.


  • Wu Jing as Tanzhi / Qi Shaozheng
  • Yaqi as Xiaoni
  • Chunyu Shanshan as Sanjiao
  • Gao Haiyan as Fajing
  • Huang Yi as Ounü
  • Yu Chenghui as Tong Dabao
  • Ji Chunhua as Tanfei
  • Yu Hai as Shantong
  • Xu Xiangdong as Yuanzhao
  • Xu Huanshan as Old Man
  • Wang Yu as Zhiyi
  • Tan Qiao as Fayan
  • Xiao Yuewen as Faling
  • Sui Shuyang as Faneng
  • Chen Jianfeng as Faming
  • Yang Fan as Oshima Masao
  • Wu Yijiang as Dahan
  • Tian Haiyan as Baihe
  • Kexin as Honglian
  • Jin Demao as Yu Fei
  • Ding Xiaowa as Lihua
  • Shu Yan as A'xiang
  • Lin Jie as Meihua
  • Zhao Lianfen as Juhua
  • Shi Xiaohu as Wufan
  • Hao Yuan as Ruolan
  • Liu Fang as A'mu
  • Zhang Hao as Gui Silang
  • Lü Qiang as Badachui
  • Huang Haibing as Emperor

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