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Shape is a Marvel comics comic book character created by Mark Gruenwald.

Squadron Supreme[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Squadron Supreme #5 (I) (Jan 1986)
Supreme Power #18(II)
Created by Mark Gruenwald
In-story information
Alter ego Raleigh Lund
Team affiliations Institute of Evil
Squadron Supreme
Abilities malleable, putty-like body

Fictional character biography[edit]

The Shape (real name Raleigh Lund) was born in Simak, Lowengard, in the U.S.A. of the alternate Earth of the Squadron Supreme, Earth-712. Although he appears to be an adult male, his emotional and intellectual development is comparable to that of a child (it's likely that he has some kind of mental disability).

Originally, he was a member of the criminal Institute of Evil, the Squadron's arch-foes, although, lacking sincere criminal intent, he was mostly following the lead of team leader Ape-X, who had been his friend "for years and years." After the Institute of Evil lost a battle against the Squadron,[1] all of the Institute's members underwent behavior modification, their criminal records were pardoned, and they all joined the Squadron.[2] Now, as a public crusader and adventurer, Shape helped supervise the manufacturing of force field belts.[3] He also helped his fellow superheroes and babysat for Arcanna Jones' three children, becoming especially close with Drusilla Jones.[4] Eventually the behavior modification was reversed by the Squadron's opponents the Redeemers, but the Shape, having never been a criminal at heart in the first place, still chose to side with the Squadron against Nighthawk and the Redeemers. After the battle, Shape helped get the pregnant Arcanna to the delivery room after she collapsed.[5]

Later, Shape accompanied the Squadron in a futile struggle against the Nth Man.[6] As a result, Shape and the Squadron traveled to Earth. There, Shape and Haywire were mentally coerced by the Over-Mind to prevent Quasar from following the starship in which the Over-Mind had kidnapped the Squadron Supreme.[7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

The Shape's entire body is extremely rubbery, putty-like and malleable. He has approximately 250 pounds of body mass that he can shift from one area of his body to another; when he is relaxed it settles in his legs and lower body. He can shift up to 80% of his physical mass at will, thus altering his entire shape. He can use this mass to elongate, compress, or enlarge various parts of his body, or form non-humanoid shapes such as hammer-shaped fists or a trampoline-shaped torso, or taking the shape of a hang-glider. His bones stretch to a maximum of five times their ordinary length. His body tissue can resist extreme temperatures and pressures, burning, lacerations, ballistic penetration, and impacts, without sustaining injury. The Shape has a high physical pain threshold, and superhuman durability. The Shape's below normal intelligence prevents him from thinking of more creative uses for his shifting body mass. He is not invulnerable: certain extreme physical injuries are beyond his ability to resist.

Supreme Power[edit]

In Part III: High Command, Shape is introduced as Raleigh Lund, a dim-witted, morbidly obese former janitor abandoned as a child by his parents. He survived from a very early age by eating discarded food and sleeping in dumpsters. He possesses superhuman strength and apparent invulnerability. In Supreme Power: Hyperion, he is described by General Alexander as the perfect soldier—loyal, invulnerable, and strong—though he is quite lacking in the area of independent thought and strategy.


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