Shapes and Patterns

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Shapes and Patterns
Swing Out Sister Shapes and Patterns album cover.jpg
Studio album by Swing Out Sister
Released March 1997
Recorded July 1995 - May 1996
Length 52:14
Label Fontana Records (Japan)
Mercury Records (U.S.)
Producer Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Swing Out Sister chronology
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(1996)Best of Swing Out Sister1996
Shapes and Patterns
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars [1]

Shapes and Patterns is a 1997 album by the British pop group Swing Out Sister. It was first released in Japan in March 1997, and then in Europe and USA the year after. Producer Paul Staveley O'Duffy, who co-wrote half of the songs, was back at the helm. As an orchestra was once again employed (led by Gavyn Wright), the lush arrangements characteristic of Kaleidoscope World resurfaced. The album featured the #1 single Now You're Not Here which was used a the theme to the Japanese programme "Mahiru No Tsuki" s well as a reworked version of Better Make It Better which had featured on their previous album.

This album would also mark the beginning of the group's collaborations with Japanese musicians in their studio sessions.

Mercury Records distributed Shapes and Patterns in the United States. In an interview with Paul Sexton of Billboard magazine, a marketing executive from Mercury described the challenge associated with promoting the album in the U.S. due to the evolution of the group's music: "When you have a band like Swing Out Sister, you'd have a tough time pinpointing their sound. It's pop, it's urban, it's adult, it's jazz. Europe and Japan don't adhere to those rules as much as America does. It crosses over so many lines, and that's where Swing Out's strength is."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Somewhere in the World" (3:45) (Andy Connell/Corinne Drewery/Paul Staveley O'Duffy)
  2. "Here and Now" (5:06) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  3. "We Could Make It Happen" (5:13) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  4. "Shapes and Patterns" - (:52) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  5. "Better Make It Better" - (5:23) (A. Connell/C. Drewery)
  6. "Something Out of This World" (5:02) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  7. "Joe Meek's Cat" - (:23) (C. Drewery/A. Connell/P. S. O'Duffy)
  8. "Stoned Soul Picnic" (5:08) (Laura Nyro)
  9. "You Already Know" (4:34) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  10. "Always" (5:05) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  11. "Now You're Not Here" (4:36) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  12. "Icy Cold as Winter" (5:13) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  13. "Shapes and Patterns" (Reprise) - (1:23) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)


Swing Out Sister

Additional Personnel

  • Dah Len – photography[3]


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