Shapley (crater)

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Shapley crater AS15-M-0949.jpg
Apollo 15 image
Coordinates 9°24′N 56°54′E / 9.4°N 56.9°E / 9.4; 56.9Coordinates: 9°24′N 56°54′E / 9.4°N 56.9°E / 9.4; 56.9
Diameter 23 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 304° at sunrise
Eponym Harlow Shapley

Shapley is a lunar crater that lies along the southern edge of Mare Crisium. It was previously designated Picard H before being given a name by the IAU. However the crater Picard lies about 150 kilometers to the north-northwest across the Mare Crisium. Somewhat closer to this crater are Tebbutt to the west, and Firmicus to the east-southeast.

This crater is roughly circular, but appears somewhat oval when viewed from the Earth due to foreshortening. The interior wall is slightly wider in the southern half, and the outer ridge is attached to a ridge that leads to the south then southeast. The interior floor has a dark hue that matches the adjacent lunar mare, having a lower albedo than the terrain to the south. There is a low central peak near the midpoint of the floor.

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