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Sharada Dwivedi (मराठि: शारदा द्विवेदि)
TH06 SHARDA DWIVEDI 915636e.jpg
Born c. 1942
Mumbai, India
Died 6 February 2012 (aged 69-70)
Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Alma mater Sydenham College
Occupation Historian
Known for Historical books
Home town Mumbai
Partner(s) Bhagirath Dwivedi
Children Radhika Dwivedi

Sharada Dwivedi(मराठि: शारदा द्विवेदि),(c. 1942 – 6 February 2012)[1] was a Mumbai-based historian and researcher. She had authored several books on the history and culture of Mumbai (formerly Bombay).[2] She was also on the panel on the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.[3] Among her most famous works was Bombay, the Cities Within (1995).[4] She had great fascination for Victorian Mumbai. Later, in her life, she developed a great affection for the city's 'art deco', and "She was passionate about it.


Sharada, completed her schooling at Queen Mary School, Mumbai, in Mumbai, and then graduated from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics from the University of Mumbai. She then followed it up with a degree in Library Science from Mumbai University, and training in reference work in Paris.[4]

Books authored[edit]

Dwivedi subjects included art, architecture, interiors, heritage, conservation and the traditions of cuisine and beauty.[4]

Book Year
Bombay, the Cities Within 1995
Banganga, Sacred Tank 1996
Fort Walks 1999
Anchoring a City Line the History of the Western Suburban Railway and its Headquarters in Bombay 2000
The Jehangir Art Gallery 2002
The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind 2002
Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet, Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health 2007

Kala Ghoda festival[edit]

Sharada, was actively involved in several conservation projects in Mumbai, and has served as a member of the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.[3] She was a member of the Executive Committees of the URBAN DESIGN RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Mumbai, India(UDRI),[5] the KALA GHODA ASSOCIATION,[6] and was a consultant to THE BOMBAY COLLABORATIVE.[4][7] In the early 90s disgruntled with how authors were not being paid their fair dies she started her own publishing company - Eminence Designs Pvt. Ltd. which has gone on to produce over 30 titles on a variety of subjects from Bombay history, art and architecture to cookery, beauty and film. Her book 'Almond Eyes & Lotus Feet-' authored with Shalini Devi Holkar went on to be published by Harper Collins in the US.

Good Chronicler[edit]

Sharada dwivedi,[8] had written numerous articles on conservation and urban issues on Mumbai. Among the other books that she has authored include:[4]

  • Lives of the Indian Princes (1984)
  • Reach for the Stars (1993) – the corporate history of Blue Star Ltd
  • The Broken Flute (1994) – a children's novel
  • The Maharaja (1999)
  • A Celebration of Style (2000) Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla.


Sharada Dwivedi,(शारदा द्विवेदि), passed away on 6th, Feb, 2012, in Mumbai.[9]


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  1. Youtube of An Interview with Sharada dwivedi-part-2