Sharaf ad-Din Ali Yazdi

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Sharaf al-Din Ali Yazdi, Timur besieges the Georgian Castle of Gorin

Sharaf ad-DīnʿAlī Yazdī (Persian: شرف الدین علی یزدی‎) (born Yazd, Iran—died 1454, Yazd) was a 15th-century Persian[1] historian. Little about his early life is known. As a young man, he was a teacher in his native Yazd and a close companion of the Timurid ruler Shahrukh (1405–47) and his son Ibrahim Sultan. In 1442/43 he became the close advisor of the governor of Iraq, Mirza Sultan Muhammad, who lived in the city of Qom.[2]

Under the patronage of Ibrahim Sultan, he wrote the Zafarnama, a biography of Timur.

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