Sharam Kohan

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Sharam Amir Kohan
Residence Berkeley
Citizenship United States
Nationality American
Fields Human rights, Social Justice, Poverty reduction
Institutions Alameda County,[1], [2]
Alma mater Harvard University
Known for Social Justice, Poverty reduction

Sharam Amir Kohan (Hebrew: שרם כהן‎‎) is a social justice activist and serves as a member of the Human Relations Commission, in Alameda County for District 5.[1]

Education and Awards[edit]

Kohan is an alumnus of Harvard University.[2]


Kohan is the Secretary General of the "International Coalition to End Torture". In 2005, he led the creation and formation of the coalition as an independent organization which used to be a Hong Kong-based program of the Amnesty International.[3] "International Coalition to End Torture" was formed as a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and thus raising human rights awareness around the world by knowing them, demanding them, and defending them. In 2003, Amnesty International launched "" focusing on the prevention of torture but it also covered wider human rights issues. The goal was to prepare articles, reports and other information to raise awareness about torture, including human rights news from Amnesty International on all parts of the world. It also provided human rights campaigning materials, links to material about torture from other organizations.

In 2013, Kohan established the Economic Social Legal Pathways project ("ESLP") at Harvard University.[4] In 2015, ESLP was incorporated in the State of California. It helps people, businesses and communities become and remain economically secure through research, mentoring, leadership and community action.[5]


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