Shararat (2003 film)

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Shararat (2003 film)
Directed by Samina Peerzada
Produced by Sheikh Muhammad Aziz
Written by Shahid Nadeem
Starring Mehr Hassan
Moammar Rana
Music by Wajahat Attre
Distributed by Aziz Movies
Release date
  • January 5, 2003 (2003-01-05)
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Shararat (Urdu: شرارت‎) is a Pakistani Urdu film which was released in early 2003 across theaters in Pakistan.[1] The movie was Samina Peerzada's sophomore directorial venture, but unlike her hit debut Inteha (1999), it was met with a rather mixed reaction at the theaters.[2] The film is a romantic comedy which deals with the story of a Pakistani-American who returns to her native village in Punjab in Pakistan and the subsequent twist and turns in her love life. Moammar Rana starred opposite Mehr Hassan, who made her Lollywood debut with Shararat. Wajahat Attrey composed some super-hit film songs which included Raat Jaa Rahee Hai and Jugnu'on Sey Bhar Ley Aanchal, the latter having been sung by the teen sensation Ali Zafar and Shabnam Majeed with film song lyrics by Aqeel Ruby.[3]



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