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Sharath Lohithaswa
Sharatchandra Lohithaswa[1]

(1972-05-05) 5 May 1972 (age 49)
Thondagere, Tumkur, Mysore State (now Karnataka), India
Years active1995–present

Sharatchandra Lohithaswa (born 5 May 1972),[2] known popularly as Sharath Lohithaswa, is an Indian actor mostly known for his work in Kannada cinema. He has had a successful career in theatre, where he continues to work, and television. After working as a lecturer for a brief period, Sharath took to acting as a full-time profession and worked on stage following the footsteps of his father Lohithaswa. He began working in films in 1995 and has today established himself as a character actor.[3]

Early life[edit]

Sharath had an inclination towards cricket and theatre as a child, and "dramatise[d] Bhagat Singh on stage when in school." He "used to read a lot of plays written by people like Kambar" and rated himself as a "fairly good singer too."[4] He accompanied his father Lohithaswa, to his rehearsals for plays, and also took part in "many stage and radio plays before doing amateur theatre in Bengaluru."[3] This led his father Lohithaswa to suggest that Sharath take English-language as his graduation subject. Sharath also obtained a master's degree in English from Bangalore's National College, where he also went on to work as lecturer.[4]


After a while, "boredom and monotony" led Sharath to quit and taking to acting as a full-time profession starting with stage. He performed in Vasamsi Jirnani, based on a Marathi-language play, and Nanna Thangige Ondu Gandu Kodi among others. His made his film debut playing a bit part in M. S. Sathyu's non-commercial film, and his commercial film debut with Huliya (1996).[3] In an interview to Deccan Herald in 2003, he recalled, "I was offered the role of Huliya for which I was supposed to sport a funny haircut. After that, I could not go into teaching again. The roles that I was offered after Huliya were repetitive. I got fed up. Fortunately or unfortunately, I met with an accident and was forced to off work for at least two to three years. Godhuli came as a major break in my career." He received appreciation for his role as Cheluvanayaka in Chi. Guru Dutt's Godhuli, also fetching him the Aryabhata Award.[1] While he began working in films starting 1995, it was television that gave him recognition. He appeared in Sathyu's Khayar and Poli Kitty.[4] Work in Kicchu and Chidambara Rahasya led him to became a popular face in Kannada television.[5]

In films, Sharath was cast as Kotwal Ramachandra in Aa Dinagalu (2007), a performance that received praise. R. G. Vijayasarathy of called his performance "wonderful".[6] He received multiple awards for his performance,[7] including the South Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.[8]

Sharath's debut in Tamil films came with Ethir Neechal.[4] He appeared in other Kannada films such as Sanju Weds Geetha (2011) and Bheema Theeradalli (2012). He is known mostly for portrayal of villainous roles in the South Indian films.[9] For his performance in Matthe Satyagraha (2014), he received the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor.[3]


Year Film Language Role Notes
1996 Huliya Kannada Raama
1996 Police Story Kannada Dharma
1999 Durga Shakthi Kannada Shivmuttu
2003 Paris Pranaya Kannada
2003 Huchana Maduveli Undone Jaana Kannada
2003 Singaaravva Kannada
2003 Khaki Kannada
2004 Monda Kannada
2004 Sarvabhouma Kannada Wasim Akram
2004 Jyeshta Kannada Bhadra
2005 Giri Kannada
2006 Suntaragaali Kannada
2006 Kallarali Hoovagi Kannada Palanayaka
2007 Aa Dinagalu Kannada Kotwal Ramachandra
2007 Janapada Kannada
2007 Ondu Preethiya Kathe Kannada
2008 Mandakini Kannada
2008 Bidda Kannada
2008 Arjun Kannada Naga
2008 Yuga Yugagale Sagali Kannada
2009 Kencha Kannada
2009 Nanda Kannada
2009 Ninnalle Kannada
2009 Raam Kannada Chikkamallayya
2009 Hatrick Hodi Maga Kannada Kapali
2010 Gandedhe Kannada
2010 Punda Kannada Bhoja
2010 Porki Kannada
2010 Thamassu Kannada
2010 Gundragovi Kannada
2010 Jugari Kannada
2010 Meshtru Kannada
2010 Nanjanagoodu Nanjunda Kannada
2010 Vichithra Premi Kannada
2011 Manasina Maathu Kannada
2011 Suicide Kannada
2011 Sanju Weds Geetha Kannada Prakash
2011 Rajadhani Kannada Manohar
2011 Saarathi Kannada
2011 Vishnu Kannada
2012 Bheema Theeradalli Kannada Mallappa
2012 Cyber Yugadol Nava Yuva Madhura Prema Kavyam Kannada
2012 Edegarike Kannada
2012 Gavipura Kannada
2012 Parie Kannada
2012 Sagar Kannada
2012 Shakti Kannada Betappa
2012 Shikari Kannada / Malayalam
2013 Varadhanayaka Kannada
2013 Gajendra Kannada
2013 Jinke Mari Kannada
2013 Kumbha Rashi Kannada
2013 Khatharnak Kannada
2013 Parari Kannada
2013 Bangari Kannada
2013 Madarangi Kannada
2013 Ziddhi Kannada
2013 Sweety Nanna Jodi Kannada
2013 Sthree Shakthi Kannada
2013 Bulbul Kannada
2013 Kaddipudi Kannada Shankarappa Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor – Kannada
2013 Dilwala Kannada
2013 Tony Kannada
2013 Ethir Neechal Tamil Valli's father
2013 Election Kannada Vishwanath
2013 Pandiya Naadu Tamil Simmakal Ravi Nominated–Vijay Award for Best Villain
2014 Ambareesha Kannada
2014 Power Kannada Minister Narasimha
2014 Rangan Style Kannada
2014 Matte Satyagraha Kannada Raje Gowda Karnataka State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
2014 Sadagara Kannada
2014 Just Love Kannada Dheerendra Gowda
2014 Savaari 2 Kannada Police Commissioner
2014 Nakara Kannada
2014 Usirigintha Neene Hattira Kannada
2014 Jaggi Kannada
2014 Central Jail Kannada
2014 Pandya Kannada
2014 Thirupathi Express Kannada
2015 Shivam Kannada
2015 DK Kannada MP Shive Gowda
2015 Mutthina Maleyali Kannada
2015 Nagaari Kannada
2015 Male Nilluvavarege Kannada
2015 Rebel Kannada
2015 Muraari Kannada
2015 Ganga Kannada
2015 Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu Kannada
2015 Ranna Kannada Veerappa
2015 Massu Engira Masilamani Tamil Anthony
2015 India Pakistan Tamil Sampath
2016 Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole Kannada
2016 Preethiyalli Sahaja Kannada
2016 Kala Bhairava Kannada
2016 Thirunaal Tamil Naaga
2016 Mudinja Ivana Pudi / Kotigobba 2 Tamil / Kannada Businessman
2016 Kaashmora Tamil Minister
2017 Bairavaa Tamil Union Minister
2017 Chowka Kannada
2017 Bangara s/o Bangarada Manushya Kannada Minister
2017 Bongu Tamil Pandian
2017 Sathriyan Tamil Samuthiram
2017 Dada is Back Kannada Delli
2017 Ambar Caterers Tulu Tulu film
2017 Jai Lava Kusa Telugu Misra Telugu film; cameo
2017 Karuppan Tamil Varasanattu Perusu
2017 Sakka Podu Podu Raja Kasimedu Das
2017 Velaikkaran Doss
2017 Ulkuthu Kaaka Mani
2018 Dalapathi Kannada Adhipathi
2018 March 22 Basavana Gowda Patil
2018 Onthara Bannagalu Post Production
2018 Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava Telugu Lashma Reddy
2018 The Villain Kannada Ram's Father
2019 Bazaar Yajaman
2019 Pailwaan Boxing Coach Vijayendra
2019 Saaho Hindi / Tamil / Telugu Mani
2019 Bharaate Kannada
2019 Odeya Kannada Betappa
2020 Bicchugatti: Chapter 1 − Dalvayi Dange Kannada Obanna Nayaka
2021 Akhanda Telugu TBA Filming


Karnataka State Film Awards

Udaya Sunfeast Awards

Airtel Kasturi Awards

Mysore Minerals' Awards

Filmfare Awards

South Indian International Movie Awards

  • 2012: Nominated, Best Actor in a Negative Role – Kannada: Bheema Theeradalli
  • 2014: Nominated, Best Actor in a Negative Role – Kannada: Ambareesha

Bangalore Times Film Awards 2012


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