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Share Jesus International (SJI) is a missionary agency aiming to share Jesus in different contexts and countries.

It is a visionary, radical movement, founded by Methodist minister, Rev Rob Frost, which brings together a range of Christian denominations and mission agencies for corporate action in mission and evangelism.

The Board of Share Jesus International includes leaders from the following agencies: Methodist Church, Scripture Union, Baptist Union of Great Britain, Youth for Christ, Ichthus Christian Fellowship, Church of England Board of Mission, The Salvation Army, Premier Christian Radio, Evangelical Alliance, Churches Together in England, and United Reformed Church.

SJI used to organise the annual Christian event, Easter People. It also arranges weeks of dedicated social missions, and campaigns such as Thirst For Life.

Thirst For Life, a major media campaign of 2006, saw thousands across the UK go without alcohol for the 40 days of Lent. It was triggered by the media frenzy around binge drinking and the governmental statistics highlighting the negative effects of alcohol on family life.

Rob Frost died in November 2007 but his son Andy has been appointed as the new head of Share Jesus International and the organisation is now responsible for organising an annual "Pentecost Festival" in London each May.

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