Share My Love (album)

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Share My Love
Studio album by Gloria Jones
Released 1973
Genre Soul
Length 36:00
Label Motown Records
Producer Tom Thacker
Gloria Jones chronology
Come Go With Me
Share My Love

Share My Love is the seventh studio album released by Gloria Jones in 1973. Dedicated to the memory of Gloria's friend, Lee Jacobs. It was received well by critics and the Motown industry, however was not promoted, as Gloria decided instead to work with Marc Bolan and T. Rex.

In a 2002 interview, conducted by James Ellis, Gloria was quoted: "I had just finished recording an album called Share My Love for Motown and the manager called me and said he wanted to book me into the Continental in LA, where Bette Midler had just broken. I got a call from Marc and he said: 'I need you to come and help me finish an album in Germany.' I made the decision to go with him. I sent my management a telegram from Germany saying: 'Sorry, I'm in love.' "

Share My Love was given its first official CD release in March 2009.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Share My Love" (Gloria Jones, Janie Bradford) 6:45
  2. "Why Can't You Be Mine" (Gloria Jones, Beverly Gardner) 3:25
  3. "Try Love" (Gloria Jones, Raymond Gibson, Addison Terry) 5:00
  4. "Tin Can People" (Gloria Jones, Beverly Gardner) 2:30

Side Two

  1. "Oh Baby" (Richard Jones, Andre Moore, Delton Williams) 3:30
  2. "Old Love, New Love" (Gloria Jones) 4:15
  3. "So Tired (Of The Way You're Treating Our Love Baby)" (Gloria Jones, Paul Riser) 4:20
  4. "Baby Don'tcha Know (I'm Bleeding For You)" (Gloria Jones) 3:10
  5. "What Did I Do To Lose You" (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer) 3:05


  • Produced by Tom Thacker for Corduroy
  • Arranged by Paul Riser (except "Oh Baby" arranged by Richard Jones, Andre Moore and Paul Riser)
  • Engineer: Johnny Horton for Cordouroy
  • Recordists: Gary Ladinsky, Chris Morris, John Henning, Austin Godsey & Lee Kiefer
  • Photography: Fed Marx (cover), Chuck Leopold (liner)


On "Share My Love", "Why Can't You Be Mine", "So Tired" and "What Did I Do To Lose You"

  • Lead guitar: Stan Seymour, David T. Walker
  • Bass: Roderick "Peanut" Chandler
  • Keyboard: Jai Winding
  • Organ: Hubie Heard
  • Drums: Dale Loyola
  • Congos and percussion: Joe Clayton, Bobeye Hall Porter
  • Tenor saxophone: Greg Abate, Ernie Fields on "Share My Love"
  • Trumpet: Mike Crawford
  • Trombone: David Stout on "So Tired & What Did I Do To Lose You"
  • Background vocals: Gloria Jones, Oma Drake & Stephanie Spruill

On "Try Love", "Baby Don'tcha Know", "Oh Baby", "Old Love New Love" and "Tin Can People"

  • Guitar: Charles Grimes
  • Bass: Willie Weeks
  • Keyboard: Jai Winding, Andre Moore, Bill Cuomo on "Tin Can People"
  • Drums: Earl Palmer on "Old Love New Love & Baby Don'tcha Know"
  • Congos: Joe Clayton, Sam Clayton
  • Tenor saxophone and flute: Don Menza
  • Trombone: Charlie Loper
  • Trumpet: Chuck Findley, Paul Hubinon
  • Baritone saxophone: Ray Pizzi
  • Mandolin: Neil Levang on "Oh Baby"
  • Background vocals: Gloria Jones, Gwen Edwards, Marsha Smith, Marsha Temmer, Laura Creamer, Oma Drake & Jessie Smith