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Shared Visions is a book sharing the voices of persons with a visual impairment. The book was published by Danish Association of the Blind (“Dansk Blindesamfund") in autumn 2012.


The book consists of 16 interviews with persons who are blind or have low vision from all continents of the world including Australia, Fiji, Iceland, Japan and Rwanda.

The interviews depict the individual differences from one person to the other, but also show certain communalities and demonstrate the strong will and preparedness to struggle to fulfill dreams and participate in the fight for the improvement of conditions for visually impaired persons nationally and internationally.


Historically, ever since issues on the implications and conditions facing persons with a visual impairment (blind or low vision) became articulated, it has mostly been teachers and psychologists that have told the stories and given the examples. Some specific books about individual persons and their experiences, achievements and struggles have occasionally emerged, but very few books have been published where a number of persons with a visual impairment tell their stories and paint a picture of their lives.

This book has been published in order to give visually impaired people their own voices in describing their own lives.


Shared Visions is edited by John Heilbrunn, Vice-President of Danish Association of the Blind, Denmark, as a tribute to persons within the blindness movement around the World and a celebration of the centennial of the Danish organization of the blind.