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Developer(s)Sav (Wieldar)
Stable release0.2.6 (December 11, 2011 (2011-12-11)[1]) [±]
Preview release0.2.4 (July 15, 2011 (2011-07-15)[2]) [±]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC++ with Boost
Operating systemGNU/Linux OS, Unix
TypePeer-to-peer file sharing
LicenseGNU General Public License

Sharelin is a terminal peer-to-peer file sharing client for Unix-derived operating systems.[3] It operates on the Gnutella2 (G2) network. The project is based at and was established in 2008. As of December 2015 it had not been updated since 2011. Features of the Gnutella2 network similar to those of Shareaza are being ported. It features a web UI allowing to control it via a web browser, which makes operation and maintenance possible in the various graphical environments commonly used in different Linux distributions.

The creator and author of Sharelin is "Sav", one of the developers of the Shareaza project. At the beginning, the idea behind Sharelin was to help Shareaza and the G2 network by allowing to upload and download files from Unix-based servers. The latest information about the project is posted on the Shareaza forums and on the Sharelin homepage.[4]

A small part of its code is based on Shareaza. This justifies the similarity of the names of both clients; however there are barely 100 lines of code borrowed from Shareaza. The whole G2 networking code has been written from scratch; hashing and base32/64 implementations use code borrowed from various sources licensed under the GPL or similar free licenses.[5]

A port of Sharelin is actively maintained in Arch User Repository.[6]

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