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Shari may refer to:

  • In South Asia, women's clothing also known as sari or saree
  • In Buddhism, bead-shaped objects among the cremated ashes of Buddhist spiritual masters, also known as Śarīra
  • Shari (album), a 1989 European release by Shari Belafonte

In Japanese culture[edit]

  • A deadwood bonsai techniques, a Japanese art using miniature trees grown in containers, similar in some ways to the Chinese art of penjing and the Vietnamese art of hòn non bộ
  • Flavored rice used in making sushi


People named Shari[edit]

  • Shari Arison (born 1957), one of Israel's richest citizens
  • Shari Belafonte (born 1954), American actress, model, writer and singer
  • Shari Elliker, host of the Broadminded radio program on XM Radio
  • Shari Eubank (born 1947), American actress
  • Shari Goldhagen, American author
  • Shari Headley (born 1964), American film actress
  • Shari Leibbrandt-Demmon (born 1966), Dutch curler
  • Shari (actress), Indian film actress in Malayalam and Tamil films
  • Shari Lewis (1933–1998), Jewish American ventriloquist, puppeteer, and children's television show host
  • Shari McEwan (born 1987), Miss Antigua and Barbuda Universe 2006
  • Shari Redstone (born 1954), president of National Amusements
  • Shari Roman, American film director, writer and artist
  • Shari Shattuck (born 1960), American actress and author
  • Shari Thurer, psychoanalytically trained psychologist
  • Shari Ulrich (born 1951), Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Shari Villarosa (born 1951), United States diplomat and career foreign service officer
  • Shari Flanzer, World Series of Poker champion in the 1992 $1,000 Ladies - Limit 7 Card Stud
  • Said Ali Shari
  • Shari Rothenberg
  • Ubangi-Shari, a French territory in central Africa which became the independent country of the Central African Republic in 1960
  • Shari Springer Berman
  • Shaari Alla Shaarada, a 1982 Indian Malayalam film directed by KG Rajasekharan.
  • Shari Emeth
  • Shari Sawwing
  • Shari Sheeley
  • Shari massacre
  • Shari Sebbens (born 1985), Australian actress, most famous for her debut film role in The Sapphires. She has also appeared in Redfern Now
  • Shari Addison (born 1962), American gospel musician and artist
  • Shari Cantor (born 1959), American politician and the current mayor of West Hartford, Connecticut. A Democrat, Cantor served as deputy mayor from 2011 to 2016, and has served as a town councilor since 2004
  • Shari Carpenter (born 1961), in Washington, D.C., USA, is an African American filmmaker, script supervisor and screenwriter
  • Shari Decter Hirst
  • Shari Karney (born 1954), American attorney, incest-survivor activist, and bar exam review company owner
  • Shari Koch (born 1993), German competitive ice dancer
  • Shari O'Donnell (born 1985), Irish actress and producer known for playing Anna, daughter of F. A. Mitchell-Hedges in The Lost World of the Crystal Skull
  • Shari Olefson, JD, LLM, is a bar-certified real estate attorney, a Civil Circuit-Supreme court certified mediator, guest expert, and book author
  • Shari Rhodes (1938–2009), American casting director and producer
  • Shari Robertson, American Film Director and producer
  • Shari Sebbens (born 1985), Australian actress, most famous for her debut film role in The Sapphires. She has also appeared in Redfern Now
  • Amirudin Shari (born 1980), Malaysian politician and currently serves as the Parti Keadilan Rakyat Central Committee Member; Selangor State Executive Councillor for Youth Development, Sports, Cultural and Entrepreneurship Development; and State Assemblyman for Batu Caves

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