Shariann Lewitt

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Shariann Lewitt
Shariann Lewitt at Readercon, July 2007
Shariann Lewitt at Readercon, July 2007
Born1954 (age 68–69)
New York City, U.S.
Pen nameS. N. Lewitt, Gordon Kendall
OccupationWriter, lecturer
Period1985s to present
Genrescience fiction

Shariann Lewitt (born 1954) is an American author, specializing in science fiction. She is currently a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • First and Final Rites (1984, Ace)
  • White Wing (1985, Tor) with Susan Shwartz (as Gordon Kendall)
  • Angel at Apogee (1987, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • Blind Justice (1991, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • Cybernetic Jungle (1992, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • Songs of Chaos (1993, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • Memento Mori (1995, Tor)
  • Interface Masque (1997, Tor)
  • Rebel Sutra (2000, Tor)


  • U.S.S.A. Book 2 (1987, Avon) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • U.S.S.A. Book 4 (1987, Avon) (as S. N. Lewitt)


  • Cyberstealth (1989, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)
  • Dancing Vac (1990, Ace) (as S. N. Lewitt)

Star Trek: Voyager[edit]

  • Cybersong (1996) (as S. N. Lewitt)

Succubus In The City[edit]

  • Succubus in the City (2008, Del Rey) (as Nina Harper)
  • Succubus Takes Manhattan (2008, Del Rey) (as Nina Harper)

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