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A passage about Fatima from the book Aq‘iq Yamani by Abdullah bin Ali al Dhamadi (d. 1667). The text reads: 856 the sharifa Fatima bint al-Hassan ordered her servants to kill the sheikh Hassan bin Muhammed Muda‘is behind the Sowaidan Gate in Sa‘dah. His brother Abdullah seeking revenge turned to imam An-Nasir who besieged Sa‘dah for a while, then took the city in Shawwal 860, captured sharifa's domains and her councels, chained them, and transferred them to San‘a. And from this time on, the sharifa's kingdom and any mention of it cease to exist.

Sharifa Fatima (الشَّرِيفة فاطِمَة; d. after 1456;[1] sharifa is an honorific, her proper name being Fatima bint al-Hassan) was a Zaydi chief in 15th century Yemen, and conquered Sa'dah and Najran.[1] She was the granddaughter of Zaydi imam Al-Nasir Muhammad Salah al-Din.[1][note 1]


  1. ^ Mernissi (2006, p. 20) erroneously claims that Fatima conquered San'a. She also calls her daughter of imam and makes Zayd part of his name. Since her book is the only source on Fatima’s life available in Western languages, these errors often get repeated by other feminist authors who cite her work.


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