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Sharin Foo
Sharin Foo by David Shankbone.jpg
Sharin Foo, 2007 (photo by David Shankbone)
Background information
Birth name Sharin Fosberg
Born (1973-11-22) November 22, 1973 (age 43)
Associated acts The Raveonettes
Notable instruments
guitar; bass guitar

Sharin Foo (born Sharin Fosberg, November 22, 1973) is a Danish musician and singer playing in the rock group The Raveonettes.

Early years[edit]

Sharin Foo was born in Emmelev, Djursland, in Denmark, on 11 November 1973 and raised in a hippy commune there.[1]

Her father is musician Kim Tai Foo,[2] a second-generation Danish-Chinese[2] who played in the Danish folk-rock band Djursland Spillemænd.[3]


Further information: The Raveonettes

Sharin Foo, at an early age, spent time in India studying the musical traditions of dhrupad and qawwali.[2]

When she returned to Denmark, she got involved in the local punk scene and met Sune Rose Wagner in Copenhagen in 2001.[2] They formed The Raveonettes and recorded their debut album, the EP Whip It On, in 2002 for the Crunchy Frog label, of Denmark.

Rolling Stone editor David Fricke's positive review of their performance at the 2002 Spot music festival held in Denmark resulted in a number of offers from major recording labels.[4] They signed with Sony Records and released their first full-length album, Chain Gang of Love, on the Columbia label, in 2003. The group, since its inception, has been touring constantly, in various line-ups around Wagner & Foo.

Personal life[edit]

Foo married in 2007 musician and songwriter Greg Edwards, of the experimental rock band Autolux.[5] They have one daughter, Molly Foo Edwards, born on 13 September 2008.[6] The couple separated in February 2015[1] and divorced in August of the same year.[5]

Foo's sister, Louise, is also a musician and singer who has been in the group Giana Factory, and the collective Ohmarymary.[7] Louise Foo toured with The Raveonettes in the summer of 2008, replacing for some dates her sister who had to avoid stage work in order to better conclude her pregnancy, on doctor's orders.[7]

In 2011, Sharin Foo acted as judge in the Danish TV talent show Danmarks største stemme ("Denmark's Greatest Voice").[8] In 2012, along with graphic designer Camilla Hjerl who's also from Denmark, Foo opened Hurra!, an online shop and blog that "curates and sells a selection of Danish art and design objects,"[9] which led, in 2013, to a pop-up shop in Venice, California.[10]

In 2015, she competed in the Danish version of Dancing With The Stars along with dancing partner Frederik Nonnemann.[11] They were voted out on the 6th week of the competition.[12]

Sharin Foo lives in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter.[1]


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