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Neptunic shark suit

A Shark suit is a body-cover suit designed protect a diver against shark bite. Various approaches have been attempted with materials ranging from sharp metal spikes that can deter sharks to rigid metal and plastic plating[1] but most current suits are made of chainmail.

The Suit was invented by Ron Taylor and first worn by his wife Valerie because the suit was built to small. The original suit is on display in the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in Australia. The chainmail company Whiting and Davis built the first suit and had produced other suits in the past, however they no longer make them. A patent for an armored wetsuit was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1980 by marine biologist Jeremiah S. Sullivan. Sullivan explains one purpose of the armor is to turn away sharks that prefer softer prey. This design however, is a suit covered in spikes and is not what is traditionally known as the sharksuit today. Sharksuits are still built by the company Neptunic, with offices based in Cardiff by the Sea, California and in Palm Beach, Florida. The details of a sharksuit can be viewed here