Sharman DiVono

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Sharman DiVono
Nationality American
Occupation writer

Sharman DiVono is a science fiction novelist, short story writer and television writer. Her novel Blood Moon (Dawbooks ISBN 0-88677-853-0) is a murder mystery which takes place in the near-future of a United States base on the Moon. Sharman's graphic novel, Samurai, Son of Death, is the first collaboration between an American comicbook writer and a Japanese Manga artist, Hiroshi Hirata. Sharman's short stories based on the Silver Surfer character have been published in Silver Surfer anthologies. Her television writing has been of different genres altogether—comedy cartoons such as "DuckTales" and "Garfield and Friends" and the adventure cartoon series "G.I. Joe."

Sharman is currently developing a concept for a crime-detective television series set in ancient Rome.

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