Sharon Carter Rogers

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Sharon Carter Rogers
BornMarch 1, 1968
New York City
GenreThriller, Psychological thriller, Horror, Mystery, Christian fiction
Notable worksSinner, Unpretty, Drift

Sharon Carter Rogers is a pseudonym for Mike Nappa, an award-winning thriller novelist active in the Christian suspense genre of books. Nappa authored the critically acclaimed thrillers, Sinner, Unpretty, and Drift.[1]


No one knows for sure who Sharon Carter Rogers is. She has made it clear that the byline she uses is as fictional as her books, but has yet to reveal her true identity.[2] There are several rumors, but the most plausible ones about her are that she is either a mainstream novelist who wanted to write about spiritual themes or that she is actually a small group of three or four Christian romance writers that wanted to expand into writing suspense books without alienating their core audience.[3]

Rogers' books all have a heavy dose of comic book homage in them. The name Sharon Carter Rogers itself is a combination of two names taken from Captain America comic books: Sharon Carter (Captain America's longtime girlfriend) and Steve Rogers (Captain America's civilian identity).[4] A few people from the comic book industry (Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver) have endorsed her books,[1] so it is also possible that she is somehow involved in writing comics under another name. Since both Simone and Van Sciver are primarily known for working with DC Comics, it would make sense for Rogers to be a freelancer for DC as well. Or she might just be a big comic book fangirl.

According to clues on her MySpace and Facebook pages, Rogers appears to live in Alabama, and she's also been a vocal fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team.[3]

Rogers' novels tend to be marked by a fast pace, gritty realism, multiple viewpoints, and semi-graphic violence, along with soul-searching questions about God and Christianity. She is represented by Mike Nappa at Nappaland Literary Agency.

Current Bibliography[edit]

As of 2012, Rogers had published three novels:[1]

  • Drift (Howard Books / Simon & Schuster) 2010
  • Unpretty (Howard Books / Simon & Schuster) 2008
  • Sinner (RiverOak /David C. Cook Publishing) 2007

Notable Achievements[edit]

According to,[1] Rogers first book, Sinner, was named a finalist in the National Best Books 2007 Awards.

Rogers' second novel, Unpretty, reached an top 50 ranking in the Religious Fiction / Mystery category when it first released in September 2008.

Rogers' third novel, Drift, won a 2010 International Book Award.

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