Sharon Davies

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Sharon Davies
Sharon Davies.jpg
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Jessica Muschamp
Duration 1988–1990
First appearance 29 July 1988
Last appearance 7 June 1990
Introduced by Don Battye
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Coffee Shop assistant
Home New Zealand

Sharon Davies is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jessica Muschamp. She made her first appearance on 29 July 1988. Sharon is the younger sister of Bronwyn Davies (Rachel Friend). During her time in Neighbours, Sharon's storylines included setting fire to the coffee shop, a love triangle with Lucy Robinson (Sasha Close) and Nick Page (Mark Stevens), pushing Lucy into a swimming pool and developing an eating disorder. The character was axed in 1990 as part of a cast exodus and she made her final appearance on 7 June 1990.


While completing her VCE in 1988, Muschamp successfully auditioned for the part of Sharon Davies on Neighbours.[1] Muschamp said she thought the audition would be a good experience and that she did not expect to get the role.[2] During her time with Neighbours, Muschamp said she "had a ball" working with the other members of the cast.[1] In 1990, during a cast exodus, producers decided to send the character to New Zealand.[1] By that time, everyone around Sharon had gone – her boyfriend, her sister and her aunt. Of this, Muschamp said "I think the producers felt her character had come to a natural conclusion, so she went off to stay with relatives."[3] Of the process, which saw characters leave, Muschamp explained "They had the head-shots of all the different characters lined up above the mirrors and as people left, they'd turn them upside down, I remember dreading the day my head got turned".[1] Muschamp left the series in May of that year and she struggled to find work following her departure.[1][3] She added "Neighbours was a double-edged sword, in many ways it opened a lot of doors but in other ways people thought I couldn't do anything else".[1]

Character development[edit]

Sharon is described as a "impetuous, laid back character."[4] She is bubbly, but tactless. Sharon often insults people, but she does not mean to and she can be a little thoughtless.[4] Muschamp explained that she is not like Sharon at all, but that she likes her character. She said "She has a lot of boyfriends, more than me! – a different once every week."[4] She added "Sharon comes from a dusty isolated town and wants to come to the bright lights of the city."[4] Woman magazine called Sharon a "naughty teenager".[3] One of the character's biggest storylines saw her trying to lose weight by dieting.[3] Muschamp said the storyline was created after she decided to lose weight herself.[3] When she was asked if the producers had asked her to lose weight, Muschamp said "Not at all. I was always a chubby teenager. Then after I left school, when I was already in Neighbours, I put on more weight. I decided to lose it and so they put Sharon dieting into the storyline."[3]


Sharon was born in small town in New South Wales along with her brother, Bill, and sister, Bronwyn (Rachel Friend). Their mother died and they ended up living with their father, Gordon (Tim Robertson). Sharon was very unhappy when Bronwyn left for Melbourne.

In 1988, Sharon left home to find her sister, but she did not leave a note and Bronwyn is shocked to hear that her sister has run away. Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) catches Sharon leaving the Coffee Shop without paying for her meal and makes her work in the kitchen to pay for it. Sharon later turns up in Ramsay Street to see Bronwyn and Mrs Mangel (Vivean Gray) agrees to let Sharon stay with her, Bronwyn, and Jane Harris (Annie Jones). Sharon manages to upset Mrs Mangel with her attitude and she is almost thrown out when she breaks Mrs Mangel's organ. Sharon befriends Todd Landers (Kristian Schmid) and they get themselves into trouble, she also begins dating Nick Page (Mark Stevens). Sharon's aunt, Edith Chubb (Irene Inescort), shows up and tries to persuade her to come home, but she later agrees to let her stay.

When Sharon is closing up the Coffee Shop one day, Vanessa Bailey (Gretchen Zoland) and Pam Muir (Pia Podporin), two girls from school arrive and offer her a cigarette. When the girls leave, Sharon throws the lit cigarette in the bin. Des Clarke (Paul Keane) later finds the kitchen on fire and he rushes inside with a fire extinguisher. The shop blows up and Des is rescued by Harold. Nick initially takes the blame for Sharon, but she admits the truth to Harold, who lets her keep her job.

When Lucy Robinson (Sasha Close) returns from boarding school, she develops a crush on Nick. After seeing Lucy flirting with Nick, Sharon pushes her into a swimming pool. The two girls became enemies for a time, until they were asked to make up by their guardians. Edith rents her house to Hilary Robinson (Anne Scott-Pendlebury) and her son, Matt Robinson (Ashley Paske). Not long after, Sharon becomes obsessed about her weight and she stops eating for a long time. One day at Lassiter's, she falls face down into the pond and is rescued by Matt and Hilary. Sharon is reassured over her weight and she starts eating regularly again.

Sharon decides to spend all her time at the beach, but she does not use the right sun protection and suffers from heat stroke. She then starts to think of other ways to get tanned. She puts on some tan lotion, straightens her hair and wears Bronwyn's best dress to impress a surfer. Sharon begins seeing a different guy every week and she only stops when she is called names at school. Bronwyn goes to New Zealand to be with Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan), leaving Sharon devastated. She moves in with the Bishops, but later decides to move to New Zealand to live with her sister.


The character of Sharon was popular with the boys and when she departed from the show, Woman said "There's no doubt that a few thousand teenage boys' hearts will break when Sharon says goodbye to Ramsay Street."[3] The BBC said Sharon's most notable moment was "Causing the Coffee Shop to blow up!"[5] In Neighbours: The Official Annual 1991, authors John McCready and Nicola Furlong said Muschamp had made her mark on Neighbours. They added "The love lives of those such as Nick Page and Sharon Davies have made the programme perhaps the most popular viewing for teenagers around the world."[6]


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