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Sharon Green
Born 1942
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Occupation Novelist
Nationality United States
Genre Science fiction, fantasy, romance

Sharon Green (born 1942 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and romance.


Sharon Green is a graduate of New York University. She is divorced with three adult sons. Her full-time writing career began in 1984.[1]


Green's early works were marketed as similar to the books of John Norman's Gor series,[2] but were intended as a rebuttal to them.[3] Green has said that she set out first to lampoon Norman's Gor books, by creating three-dimensional female characters and powerful female characters in similar fantasy settings.[4]

Published works[edit]

According to the list on her website, here are Green's published works.

She has also created a website [5] to reissue some of her older out-of-print books and release some new never before issued series in the form of eBooks.

Science fiction novels[edit]

  • The Crystals of Mida, DAW Books, 1982
  • The Warrior Within, DAW Books, 1982
  • The Warrior Enchained, DAW Books, 1983
  • An Oath to Mida, DAW Books, 1983
  • Chosen of Mida, DAW Books, 1984
  • The Warrior Rearmed, DAW Books, 1984
  • Mind Guest, DAW Books, 1984
  • Gateway to Xanadu, DAW Books, 1985
  • The Will of the Gods, DAW Books, 1985
  • To Battle the Gods, DAW Books, 1986
  • The Warrior Challenged, DAW Books, 1986
  • Rebel Prince, DAW Books, 1986
  • The Warrior Victorious, DAW Books, 1987
  • Mists of the Ages, DAW Books, 1988

Fantasy novels[edit]

  • The Far Side of Forever, DAW Books, 1987
  • Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, DAW Books, 1987
  • Hellhound Magic, DAW Books, 1989
  • Dawn Song, Avon, 1990
  • Silver Princess, Golden Knight, Avon, 1993
  • The Hidden Realms, Avon, 1993
  • Dark Mirror, Dark Dreams, Avon, 1994
  • Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts, Avon, July, 1995
  • Game's End, Avon, April, 1996

The Blending

  • Convergence: Book One of The Blending, Avon, November 1996
  • Competitions: Book Two of The Blending, Avon, March 1997
  • Challenges: Book Three of The Blending, Avon, May 1998
  • Betrayals: Book Four of The Blending, Avon, February 1999
  • Prophecy: Book Five of The Blending
  • Intrigues: Book One of The Blending Enthroned, Eos, October 3, 2000
  • Deceptions: Book Two of The Blending Enthroned
  • Destiny: Book Three of The Blending Enthroned, Eos, April 2, 2002

Mystery romance novels (Harlequin Intrigues)[edit]

  • Haunted House, 1990
  • Werewolf Moon, 1993
  • Fantasy Man, 1993
  • To Die For, Dec. 2000

Historical romance novels[edit]

  • Flame of Fury, Avon, 1993
  • Silken Dreams, Avon, 1994
  • Haughty Spirit, 2000

Fantasy romance novels[edit]

  • Enchanting, Pinnacle, 1994

Short stories[edit]

  • Magic in Ithkar (IV), Tor, 1986
  • Friends of the Horseclans, Signet, 1987
  • Friends of the Horseclans II, Signet (two stories)
  • Alternatives, Baen,
  • Witchworld Anthology, Vol. 3, Tor

Hard bound books[edit]

Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, Book 1: The Silver Bracers, & Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, Book 2: Argent Swords

Online books[edit]

  • Diana Santee Series
    • Mind Guest
    • Gateway To Xanadu (With Newly restored scenes)
    • Tanderon (first online sequel to Mind Guest and Gateway To Xanadu)
    • Tristesse Book One (sequel 2)
    • Tristesse Book Two (sequel 3)
    • Esmonia (sequel 4)
    • Xanthia (sequel 5)
    • Aysanne (sequel 6)
    • Tildor (sequel 7)
    • Restin (sequel 8)
    • Absar (sequel 9)
    • Gralling (sequel 10)
    • Durell (sequel 11)

New Direct-to-eBook Novels

Reissues of Out-of-Print Books.


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