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Sharon Labchuk
Leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island
In office
Preceded by Office created
Succeeded by Darcie Lanthier (interim)
Personal details
Born November 25, 1952 (1952-11-25) (age 64)
Trenton, Ontario
Political party Green
Residence Millvale, Prince Edward Island
Occupation political organizer, environmental activist, politician

Sharon Labchuk (born November 25, 1952[citation needed] in Trenton, Ontario) is an environmental activist and paid staffer for the Green Party of Canada (GPC). She was also the first leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island.[1][2][3]


Labchuk is national director of organizing for the GPC.[4] She resigned the leadership of the Green Party of PEI on 12 July 2012.[5]

Election results[edit]

In the 2006 federal election Labchuk was the GPC candidate in Malpeque, placing 4th with 901 votes or 4.65%.

She was defeated in the district of Rustico-Emerald during the Prince Edward Island general election, 2007 running for the Green Party. Labchuk took 6% of the vote, finishing in third place.[6]

In 2011, Labchuk stood against the provincial Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry, in the Charlottetown-Victoria Park riding.[6]

2011 general election[edit]

Prince Edward Island general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Richard Brown 1105 51.13% -2.19%
Progressive Conservative MIles MacKinnon 582 26.93% -6.48%
Green Sharon Labchuk 278 12.86% +7.07%
New Democratic Rita Jackson 177 8.19% +0.97%
Island Phillip Stewart 19 0.88%

2007 general election[edit]

Prince Edward Island general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Carolyn Bertram 1,970 60.28%
Progressive Conservative David Blacquiere 1,101 33.69%
Green Sharon Labchuk 197 6.03%

Personal life[edit]

Labchuk lives in Millvale, Queens County, in a solar-powered house. She grow her own fruit and vegetables.[4]

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