Sharon Rackham

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Sharon Rackham
Sharon Rackham at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games.jpg
Personal information
Full name Sharon Margaret Rackham
Nationality  Australia
Born 25 July 1974
Tongatapu, Tonga
Sport Paralympic athletics
Rackham (right) hugs fellow Australian track athlete Lisa Llorens at the 2000 Summer Paralympics

Sharon Margaret Rackham, OAM[1] (born 25 July 1974) is an Australian Paralympic athlete.


She was born on 25 July 1974 in Tongatapu, Tonga.[2] She won a gold medal in the T20 200m at the 1996 Summer Paralympics in Atlanta, for which she received a Medal of the Order of Australia,[1] and a silver medal in the 200 m T20 at the 2000 Summer Paralympics.[3] In 2000, she received an Australian Sports Medal.[4]


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