Sharonov (Martian crater)

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Sharonov (Martian crater)
Sharonov and Kasei Valles.jpg
THEMIS daytime infrared image mosaic showing Sharonov (center) and the surrounding Kasei Valles system of outflow channels.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 27°16′N 301°28′E / 27.27°N 301.47°E / 27.27; 301.47Coordinates: 27°16′N 301°28′E / 27.27°N 301.47°E / 27.27; 301.47
Diameter 100.0 km (62.1 mi)
Discoverer Mariner 9
Eponym Vsevolod V. Sharonov; Russian astronomer (1901-1964)

Sharonov is an impact crater in the Lunae Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 27°18′N 301°30′E / 27.3°N 301.5°E / 27.3; 301.5. It is 100.0 km (62.1 mi) in diameter and was named after Vsevolod V. Sharonov, a Russian astronomer (1901-1964).[1] Sharonov is situated within the outflow channel system Kasei Valles, whose flows were divided into two main branches that bracket the crater.


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