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SharpOS Splash Screen.png
SharpOS Screenshot.png
SharpOS v0.0.0.75
Developer SharpOS Project
Written in C♯
OS family .NET C# [1]
Working state Discontinued
Source model Open source
Latest release 0.0.1 / January 1, 2008 [2]
Platforms x86
Default user interface Command line interface
License GNU General Public License Version 3 with the GPL linking exception [3]
Official website

SharpOS was an open source .NET-C# based operating system [1] that was developed by a group of volunteers and presided over by a team of six project administrators (Mircea-Cristian Racasan, Bruce Markham, Johann MacDonagh, Sander van Rossen, Jae Hyun and William Lahti).[4] It is no longer in active development, and resources have been moved to the MOSA project. This operating system is only one of three C# based operating systems released under an open source license.[5][6] SharpOS has only one public version available [2] and a basic command line interface.


SharpOS began in November 2006 [7] as a public discussion on the Mono development mailing list as a thread called Operating System in C#. After attracting many participants, Michael Schurter created the wiki and mailing list to continue the discussion at a more relevant location. Soon after, the core developers (Bruce Markham, William Lahti, Sander van Rossen and Mircea-Cristian Racasan) decided that they would design their own AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) compiler to allow the operating system to run its boot sequence without using another programming language. Once the AOT compiler was far enough into development the team then started to code the kernel, this was met with long periods of inactivity and few active developers due to lack of interest in unsafe kernel programming.[8] On 1 January 2008 the SharpOS team made their first milestone release public,[2] this is the first version of the software to appear in the SharpOS SourceForge package repository available for general public use.[9]


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