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This article is about the English mid-1980s band featuring ex-members of The Jam. For the Korean band, see Sharp (Korean band).
Genres New wave, alternative rock
Years active 1985-86
Associated acts The Jam
From The Jam
Time UK

Sharp were a mid-1980s English rock band, featuring former Jam members Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler. They released one single.


  • Rick Buckler (drums)
  • Jimmy Edwards (vocals)
  • Bruce Foxton (bass / backing vocals)
  • Tom Sharp (keyboard)


After The Jam split, Foxton pursued a solo career and Buckler formed Time UK, featuring Jimmy Edwards on vocals. After a stop-start career that took over two years to release three singles, and a rapid dwindling of the initial public interest in the band, they effectively split up.

Foxton, finding his solo career had followed a similar path to Time UK's, recorded several tracks with Buckler and Edwards. A solitary single, "Entertain Me", was released on UK mod record label, Unicorn in 1986.

Tracks from the release were included on a 2002 Time UK compilation album, One More Time.[1]


  • "Entertain Me" / "So Say Hurrah" (7 inch, Unicorn PHZ5), 1986
  • "Entertain Me" / "So Say Hurrah" / "Next Generation" (12 inch, Unicorn 12PHZ5), 1986
  • One More Time (Time UK compilation album, Detour DRCD041), 2002


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