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The "Sharp Actius RD3D Notebook" was a 3D laptop computer manufactured by the Sharp Corporation in 2004. The company marketed it as the first "autostereo" PC, offering 3D images without glasses.[1]


It had a built-in 3D graphics button that would create a 3D image by using a "parallax barrier", which beamed two different images to each eye, confusing the brain into thinking that the user was looking at a 3D image, all without the use of 3D glasses.


Common problems with the Sharp Actius RD3D Notebook were:

  • The 3D graphics could reportedly not be seen if the user slightly shifted position while looking at the computer.
  • The computer's performance reportedly slowed when it was put into 3D mode.
  • It was also very big (12 pounds), bulky, and extremely expensive, selling for $2,999.
  • The battery life was also inferior, reportedly lasting for a mere 2 hours.

The product was featured in the "25 Worst Tech Products of All Time" list published by PC World magazine in 2006.[1]

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