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Sharp End International was an Australian-owned private military company (PMC) that trained government and corporate entities. They offered services in Foreign internal defense (FID) to train companies working in a foreign environment. They claimed to follow the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The company used mainly Australian and New Zealand ex-special forces instructors. The firm was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The company’s CEO was Michael Brookes-Jones and he had been in the role since July 2003.


Sharp End International's clients include Government Special Forces units and Corporate clients such as "petroleum companies, mining facilities, financial institutions, corporate identities or celebrities".


It was stated on their website that they had trained the "Ministerial Protection Details for the ‘New’ Iraqi Government, including the Prime Minister and Presidential Teams, as well as the Justice Protection Details for the US Marshals Service in Baghdad." [1] They also provided "counter terrorism training to both the Police and Military in Iraq."[2]


Sharp End International's key services as of 2015:

  • Assessment and analysis
  • IT surveillance and countermeasures
  • Tactical training (intelligence)
  • Informational protection of operations
  • Strategic planning[3]
  • Coordination of intelligence measures


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