Sharp Teeth

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Sharp Teeth
Author Toby Barlow
Country United States
Language English
Genre Horror
Werewolf fiction
Publisher Harper Collins
Publication date
Pages 312
ISBN 0-06-143022-6

Sharp Teeth is a 2008 novel in free verse by American writer Toby Barlow. It won the 2009 Alex Award and is the Horror entry on the 2009 Best Adult Genre Fiction Reading List.

Plot summary[edit]

Packs of werewolves struggle for power in the underbelly of Los Angeles.


  • Lark is the leader of one of the werewolf packs.
  • She-wolf is the main female character. She is never named.
  • Anthony is new to the dog-catching business and eventually falls for the she-wolf.
  • Peabody is the cop that investigates the disappearance of Anthony's boss and is drawn into the dangerous games being played.
  • Also werewolfs are afraid of silver

Critical reception[edit]

  • Kaite Mediatore Stover of Booklist, "[a]s spicy as a taco, as relentless as the pounding surf, and as lulling as a moon-drenched beach, Barlow's hip werewolf saga is highly recommended for adults and YAs who just don't get all the fuss about Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series." [1]
  • Jackie Cassada of Library Journal, "[w]ritten in a free verse style that perfectly complements the action as it moves from slower-paced narratives to short, jagged scenes of graphic violence and heartbreak, this groundbreaking work commands attention from a wide audience, including genre fans and modern fiction aficionados."[2]
  • Matthew Moffett of School Library Journal, "[s]ome readers might be initially intimidated by Barlow's free-verse poetry, but, after a page, they will be swept into the rhythm. It's also to Barlow's credit that the touching moments between the woman and Anthony work as powerfully as the most graphic violence in the story. The dark humor and grim story line will immediately draw in fans of other neo-horror novels..."[3]


Toby Barlow is represented by Film 4[4]


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