List of Dartmoor tors and hills

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Here is a list of Dartmoor tors and hills. Dartmoor is a National Park in South West England.

Birch Tor, with the Warren House Inn in the distance
Vixen Tor
Tors visible looking north from near the head of the Becka Brook, eastern Dartmoor

The total number of named tors and hills on the moor varies considerably depending on the source. Crossing[1] refers to tors as "These granite masses, of which there are about 170 on Dartmoor". There are at least as many named Hills, Downs, Beacons etc. as well as Rocks used to refer to tors. It is not uncommon for a tor and a hill to share a name, as Tor refers to the granite outcrop (for example Nattor Down), equally, as can be seen in the list above, many names recur. Even the definition of Dartmoor varies between sources, particularly between modern sources and those that predate the national park. For a more exhaustive list showing many minor tors which aren't named on the Ordnance Survey, follow this link

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