Sharron Kraus

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Sharron Kraus
Genres Folk music, Songwriter, Experimental music
Instruments Vocals, guitar, banjo.
Years active 2002 - Present
Associated acts Rusalnaia
Tau Emerald
Website Official Website

Sharron Kraus is an English singer, songwriter and musician with strong ties to the US. Kraus was born in New York but grew up in Leicester, England. She has lived in Philadelphia and collaborated with American musicians, including Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Christian Kiefer, Tara Burke (Fursaxa), and Gillian Chadwick (Ex Reverie) .

Kraus has been compared to 1970s English folk singers such as Shirley Collins and Anne Briggs[1] and heralded as one of the strongest voices in English contemporary folk.[2] She has recorded a collection of traditional folk songs, Leaves From Off the Tree, with Meg Baird and Helena Espvall of Philadelphia psych folk band Espers, but the majority of her work is self-authored, influenced by English and Appalachian folk song, but with its own distinctive voice. Musically Kraus' work is described as 'spine-tingling'[3] 'spooky'[4] and 'the sound of England and its enchanted gardens'.[5]

Kraus has toured Europe and the US with United Bible Studies, Meg Baird, James Blackshaw, Fursaxa, Thinguma*jigSaw and The Iditarod.


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