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Shasta may refer to:

Native American[edit]

Geography and locations[edit]

California, United States[edit]





  • Shasta (Narnia), the main character in the 1954 C. S. Lewis novel The Horse and His Boy
  • Shasta of the Wolves, a 1919 feral child novel and its title character by Olaf Baker
  • Shasta McNasty, a television sitcom on UPN that was later renamed to Shasta
  • "Shasta Beast", the twelfth track on the 2006 Eagles of Death Metal release Death by Sexy
  • "Shasta", the seventh track on singer-songwriter Vienna Teng's 2004 album Warm Strangers
  • Shasta Fay Hepworth, major character in the Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice (2014) based on the Thomas Pynchon novel by the same name

Other uses[edit]