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Shasta Ventures is an early-stage venture capital investment firm located in Silicon Valley that invests in enterprise and technology consumer startups.[1][2] It is located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park.[3]

Fundraising rounds[edit]

Shasta's second fund of USD 250 million included Nest Labs, which almost all by itself repaid the entire fund when it was sold to Google for $3.2 billion.[4] Shasta's third fund of USD 265 million was announced in September 2011.[5] The fourth fund, of $300 million, was announced in June 2014.[6]

Investment philosophy[edit]

Shasta was originally focused on companies in the consumer technology space, with then managing director Tod Francis calling a "classic Shasta" investment in September 2011.[5]

In September 2013, Rob Coneybeer of Shasta, the new managing director, said that he was betting big on hardware startups, citing Moore's Law-style continued performance improvements making opportunities for new hardware possible.[7]


Shasta Ventures was an early investor in, an online personal finance management service that was bought in September 2009 by financial software company Intuit for USD 170 million in cash.[8] An article by Alexia Tsotsis for TechCrunch quoted Shasta's managing director Tod Francis as using the phrase "Classic Shasta" to describe Shasta's investment in[5]

Nest Labs[edit]

Shasta Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers were the only investors in the Series A round for Nest Labs (the home automation company) in September 2010. When Google later bought Nest Labs for $3.2 billion USD in January 2014, Shasta had a net gain of about $200 million USD, enough to pay out "almost all" of the $250 million Shasta II fund.[4][9][10][11]

Other investments[edit]

Shasta has invested in a number of other companies[12] such as Anaplan, Leanplum, Nextdoor,[13] Lithium Technologies,[14] Zuora,[15], Tally Technologies.[16][17][18] and Stealth Security


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