Shatter (novel)

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Author Michael Robotham
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Sphere Books, London
Publication date
Media type Print Hardback & Paperback
Pages 466 pp
ISBN 978-1-84744-177-5 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC 176833215
Preceded by The Night Ferry
Followed by Bombproof

Shatter is a psychological thriller written by the Australian author Michael Robotham that was published in 2008.[1]

Plot outline[edit]

Professor Joseph O'Loughlin (referred to as Joe throughout the novel) is tasked by the police with stopping a woman, Christine Wheeler, from committing suicide, only to fail. When Wheeler's teenage daughter appears onto his doorstep, she insists that her mother would not have jumped off a bridge as she did, for she was not suicidal and had a fear of heights. Haunted by his failure to save her and driven by a need to understand what caused her death, Joe searches for the truth, only to be caught up in a string of murders all while dealing with his own problems with Parkinson's disease and his marriage.



"This is for Mark Lucas, a friend first."


Sue Turnbull, in The Age, was impressed with the novel: "Thematically complex, artfully structured, beautifully written and observed, Shatter confirms Robotham's place in the front row of crime."[2]

Reviewing the book in Dark Scribe magazine, Rick R. Reed compared the villain to Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lector and went on: "Shatter really has it all when it comes to the thriller genre: it’s fast-paced, has uniquely and wonderfully-drawn characters, contains a great mystery at its center, and makes you want to read more from Michael Robotham."[3]