Shattered Heroes

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Shattered Heroes
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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateOctober 2011
Main character(s)Captain America
Iron Man

"Shattered Heroes" is a comic book branding that ran through a number of books published by Marvel Comics. It began in October 2011 on issues that follow "Fear Itself" and explore a number of implications across a number of titles.[1]

Publication premise[edit]

Some of the larger implications involve:

  • The separation of The Incredible Hulk from Bruce Banner and his attempts to make himself a Hulk again at any cost.
  • The emergence of a new god of Thunder called Tanarus whom everyone but Loki remembers as the only God of Thunder.
  • The coming together again of the Defenders.
  • The emergence of Marcus Johnston, an American soldier who finds himself embroiled in a contest for his allegiance in the Marvel universe.

The mini series Fear Itself: The Fearless is unbannered but involved, as are the three Fear Itself epilogue issues while some titles will only be bannered once as part of the event, though the storyline may be ongoing for a few issues.[2]

Titles involved[edit]


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