Shatura Power Station

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Shatura Power Station
Shatura steam power plant (2010).jpg
Country Russia
Location Shatura, Moscow Oblast
Coordinates 55°35′00″N 39°33′40″E / 55.58333°N 39.56111°E / 55.58333; 39.56111Coordinates: 55°35′00″N 39°33′40″E / 55.58333°N 39.56111°E / 55.58333; 39.56111
Status Operational
Commission date 1925
Owner(s) E.ON Russia
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas (78%)
Secondary fuel Peat (11.5%)
Tertiary fuel Fuel oil (6.8%)
Coal (3.7%)
Combined cycle? Yes
Power generation
Units operational 2 × 210 MW
3 × 200 MW
1 × 80 MW
1 × 400 MW
Nameplate capacity 1,500 MW

The Shatura Power Station (also called Shaturskaya GRES or GRES-5 locally) is one of the oldest power stations in Russia. The facility is located in Shatura, Moscow Oblast, and generates power by utilizing two 210 MW units, three 200 MW units, and one 80 MW unit, for a total capacity of 1,100 MW.[1] Built in 1925, the power station initially used peat as its fuel source. Later on, the power plant has been diversified into multifuel. In 2010, a new combined cycle block of 400 MW was installed. The 80 and 400 MW blocks can not work on peat.

Balance of fuel[edit]

In 2005 the fuel use was:

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